Rates for Posting Healthcare Jobs With Us

Description Yearly Rate
Single Posting for One Year
$150 Cdn
Unlimited Postings for One Year *Contact Us
Volunteer/Unpaid Positions FREE
Medical Student Shadowing/Elective FREE
Resident Shadowing/Elective FREE
IMG Shadowing/Elective FREE

*Contact us to see how very low our rates are for unlimited posts--please let us know the scope of coverage (ex: 1 clinic, multiple clinics, one hospital department, or the whole hospital).

Individual postings may be visible on the website for 12 full months! We want you to have the greatest chance of filling your vacancy. The details of all job postings may be updated at any time. Go ahead and create your post right away--billing can be taken care of after.

Note: Communities and regional health authorities can sponsor unlimited posts for all facilities (clinics, hospitals, etc.) in their jurisdiction to maximize quality and accessibility of care, and physician quality of life.


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